• We are facing an incredible test for humanity. It’s an incredible time to reassess what is important in life and what is the meaning of life. What is the purpose for being on this earth. It’s so important for us to know what our purpose is so that when major important catastrophic events happen we do not panic, we do not stray, we keep faith and remain confident. We were all put on this earth with a purpose and a mission to share our light, our talents, to uplift and to inspire.

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    I believe during these times its the greatest opportunity for us to look inwards before we journey outward again, to embrace our loved ones and get closer with the individuals that we love the most especially the ones we live with who we constantly ignore even though we are in close proximity. We must fall back in love with ourselves.

    This virus has proven how easy people can stray from being logical, from humanity, from having any faith and any understanding in the existing circumstance . If we all had a purpose and we all had some faith and if we all were closer to God you will all have a little bit less panic and a little bit less fear and have more of an optimistic inspiration to moving forward in a humane way.

    The Toilet paper phenomenon is a perfect case study in manipulation of psychology , hamster wheel mentality, heard mentality , lack of introspection, lack of self understanding and adaptation to self preservation. I am still searching for the person or company or phenomenon that started this toilet paper craze during this pandemic. This virus is not even G.I. related ....this virus is not even anything close to needing toilet paper as you’re number one item.

    What has the toilet paper phenomenon taught us about how humans think when in a crisis?????..... the things that they go for and then the herd mentality that follows without anybody questioning the logic behind it. Why was there No race to get certain food or flashlights, batteries or money from the bank ....Why was the number one item requested and fought over toilet paper. Logically speaking we could all get by without toilet paper if we have water. Logically speaking we could all get by the toilet paper if we have leaves. Logically speaking you won’t need toilet paper if you don’t have food to eat because there would be nothing coming out.

    Yet today we still find ourselves completely out of toilet paper regardless of your economic status the one thing that humans will not be able to solve is the lack of toilet paper available can have gold, cash or even willing to trade your house in this current moment..... the toilet paper is out.”