• Free Falling Lost Souls

    1/13/2020 11:38:23 AM Link 3 comments | Add comment

    Everyday I witness an epidemic of lost souls living amongst us. We have parents who are lost, soulless, lack morals and are hyper self-absorbed raising the new generation. The results are starting to manifest in the news and on medial outlets daily. The results are truly startling.....We have created a new generation being parented by their devices and ultimately being programmed by the content. Kids are literally growing up in fantasy and have no idea how to cope with reality.

    Children yearn for attention that use to come from attentive parenting that has officially become non existent. Now they default to their new parents.... These parents are even more powerful at mind control, influencing, increasing addiction and destroying humanity as we know it. In fact, the world is one step closer to being controlled by non-human elements that have zero emotions, a zero moral compass and promotes instant gratification as the gold standard. We are approaching the end of the world as we know it and very few people are aware.

    WE MUST WAKE UP!! We must stop being the sheep happy in numbers and scared to take responsibility. To anyone who still has a back bone, a functioning brain that is not yet chipped, the ability to think freely and the passion to save humanity..... Take ACTION. Take deliberate action to try and change the trajectory of this world because it only takes one spark to create a FIRE. More Fiiiiiire!!!!