• Journey to Harmony in 2020

    12/31/2019 4:19:23 PM Link 1 comment | Add comment

    As we begin another decade, another year and another day we must self reflect, meditate and do a deep dive within. We must go deep within to learn who we are and what is our purpose. Journey to harmony begins with self love, self care, self improvement and self assessment. Finally we will all wake up and peel back the bad habits and hard layers that we created to protect ourselves in order to survive.

    We must get to a place where we are free and emancipate ourselves from the shackles of self doubt, paranoia, insecurity and poor self esteem. Don’t be afraid because your not alone. Let’s catch a FIRE together in 2020 and reveal ourselves to the world and help spread the positive vibrations on the love frequency. Happy New year and Happy REBIRTH!

  • The quality of your life is equal to the quality of your relationships

    12/22/2019 7:19:25 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Today I enjoyed a nice little get together hanging with some of my friends watching English Premier League soccer at Mr.Tramps. Never mind the name, it’s a legit Futbol pub and very popular spot. Sometimes we need to make time to get together, laugh, hang and enjoy each other’s company. So often we overlook these activities which serves as the fundamental building blocks for maintaining and developing your friendships outside the noise of life.

    These days its also not easy to get so many people together without last minute cancellations and life’s excuses. Just remember the Quality of your life is determined by the Quality of your relationships.